Automotive Paintings
Black 69 Camaro SS painting
Red Boss 429 Mustang in front of Bookout Service Station
Red Ferrari front grill painting
Painting of a blue 67 camaro

Automotive Paintings

The majority of these paintings were created with the intention of donating them to Curing Kids Cancer. These are displayed and auctioned at Mecum Auctions across the country. Most of these paintings take 8-10 hours to complete. Many of the early paintings were watercolors. I found the vivid colors to be difficult to replicate so I made a switch to acrylic paints which allowed me to create more vibrant paintings while having quick drying times.
General Paintings
Chapel at Callaway Gardens watercolor
flower painting
Cades cove road
White house in Abeville, AL

General Paintings Gallery

This gallery is a variety of paintings I have done over the years. Subjects include landscapes, nature, flowers, animals and the occasional portrait.