The painting and photography artwork of Jeff McPhail

As a kid, I remember watching my Mom paint and wondering if I could ever create images like she did. When I was in my early 20's, I decided to give it a try. Starting with simple flower paintings in watercolor, I graduated to more intricate paintings at the request of my wife. The last painting I did for her was of the chapel we were married in.  I have had a few requests for portraits as well as pets.  You can see a few of those in the paintings gallery.


The majority of the paintings I have been doing have been a variety of cars similar to what you may see watching Mecum Auctions.  I do this because of the relationship that Curing Kids Cancer has built with the Mecum family.  I typically donate 5 or 6 paintings each year with all proceeds going to this charity that is near and dear to my heart.
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1965 427 Shelby Cobra Painting

waterfall under autumn colors


Photography is in my opinion, an addictive hobby. I say that because all of the cool gear with the next best feature lures you in to purchasing probably more equipment than you really need, not to mention always looking for that next great location to photograph. I have let both get the better of me at times, but I have learned to keep it simple. While I did own a brick and mortar photography studio and enjoyed working with people, what you will find in these galleries are the images of things that interest me.

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